• What is Consumer Debtor Protection of Canada Ltd.?
  • Consumer Debtor Protection of Canada Ltd. (CDPCL) is one of the most experienced and seasoned Canadian firms assisting consumers through financial difficulty. Our professional and licensed counselors have been helping thousands of families and consumers for nearly a decade.
  • Are you a Canadian firm?
  • CDPCL is 100% Canadian owned and operated.
  • Do you lend money?
  • No. CDPCL provides a comprehensive debt management program tailored specifically to your budget and circumstance in order for you to settle your obligations in a timely manner.

  • Are you Licensed?
  • CDPCL is fully licensed and bonded. We are licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Business Services – Consumer Protection Branch. Our Registration number is 4707240. The Ministry can be contacted for verification at 416-326-8800.
  • Will this affect my credit rating?
  • That depends on your current situation. The fact is that any time you miss payments, or pay outside the original terms of the agreement there is some effect. That said, if you cannot afford to keep up with your payments, or you are making just the minimum payments with the balances remaining due to interest, you need to engage in a debt management repayment program in order change your circumstance, and alleviate the stress that goes along with it. Please call us at 1-877-433-0963, or please click Start Living Debt Free Now at the top of the page for a free consultation to assess your specific circumstance.
  • Are you Non-for-Profit
  • No. CDPCL is a private firm, and is not a creditor financed institution. We act as your legal representatives. This gives us the flexibility to work on YOUR behalf to ensure that you get maximum benefit from the debt management program, and your repayment terms are not dictated by the creditors.
  • Are you a Debt-Pooler?
  • No. CDPCL is by no means a debt pooler. We don’t consider such programs to be beneficial, and the costs associated with such programs are exorbitant, as the firm fees alone are usually around 15%-20% of the total debt, in addition to your repayment obligation.
  • If I get sued by a creditor will you represent me?
  • Yes. CPDCL engages with legal professionals across the country. If you get sued after you sign up with us by an included creditor, then all representation will be done at no additional charge. If you got served prior to joining CDPCL, you will just be responsible for the filing fees, and not for any of the actual representation.
  • Do you accept all kinds of debt?
  • CPDCL will accept any type of unsecured debt. Secured debt is a loan that has collateral assigned to it, such as a mortgage or a car loan. If the collaterals have been returned, we can include the remaining balance. We also do not accept current utility bills, or criminal fines/restitution orders. For further clarification, please give us a call at 1-877-433-0963, or click on Start Living Debt Free Now at the top of the page.
  • Can I keep a credit card?
  • No. In order to ensure the integrity of the process, and that no one creditor is preferred over another, you must include all of your unsecured debt in the proposal process. We do offer a secured credit card while you go through the proposal.
  • Am I still going to be charged interest?
  • No. Once you sign your proposal, all interest will stop. All negotiated terms are interest-free.
  • Is this a Bankruptcy?
  • No. The CDPCL consumer proposal process was designed for individuals to repay their debts outside the original agreements at reduced settlements with no interest to avoid bankruptcy.
  • I was already with one firm and was extremely disappointed.
  • Like in any industry, there are some bad apples out there. You must ensure at the very least the BBB and Licensing status of the firm you are dealing with. Further, any debt percentage charges and lack of written guarantee on terms should be treated as suspect. CDPCL always guarantees its terms in writing, and is actively working with many consumers that were ‘taken’ by unlicensed and/or foreign firms. In such cases we will at no additional charge commence a complaint and refund action on your behalf. We charge no commissions or fees on any refunds achieved for our clients.
  • How long does the proposal take?
  • Our standard debt management proposals are based on a 60 month term in order to ensure the payments are comfortable enough to not be missed. This arrangement is completely interest-free, and can be paid off at any given time to shorten the proposal process.
  • Do you stop collection calls?
  • Once you sign up with CDPCL, we immediately inform your creditors of our representation, and have your creditors contact us going forward. All calls from the included creditors after that point are to be stopped by law.

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    ment Program (DMP)

    CDPC can reduce your interest rates, eliminate late fees, and combine your payments into

    Student Loan

    We can set up affordable student loan repayment plans for Provincial, Federal and Private programs.

    Lump Sum

    Debtors with sufficient assets can sometimes settle their accounts with a one-time lump sum settlement. Savings


    Debtors with sufficient assets can sometimes settle their accounts with a one-time lump sum settlement. Savings


    Let us show you how you can use the equity in your house to get out of debt. (CDPC also provides First, Second and

    Court /

    We provide a full range of paralegal services, including all small claims court representation with both Plaintiff action


    CDPC can arrange debt management payment plans based on a Financial Capacity Assessment. Savings of 70%+

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    Assignments /

    A number of our programs stop wage assignments and garnishments through "a stay of proceedings"

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