Wonderful! Helped me tremendously over the last 5 years to easily pay off all my debt and get a great settlement with the nasty creditors. -Suzy Smash

This has been a great experience so far, my contact (Liane) has been so supportive & I feel like i am not drowning, thank you-Kim Lunn

Rajvinder was very helpful.
This is a viable option for debt/interest relief.
So far, it's been a successful and pleasant experience.-Liliana

Great services and helpful people! Thanks to my Account Manager Elena Dimovska for all her help.-Wayne Bezanson

I had a wonderful and positive experience with CDPCL. They are very nice and professional, answered all my questions - from preparing documents to even giving guidance in dealing with my creditors. I highly recommend CDPCL. I can sleep well now, stress free. Thank you so much CDPCL. Keep up the good work and to Elena D. my Account Manager, Thank You.-Renee reyes

I would like to say Thank you to all the people at CDPC for all the help that they have given me. Especially Elena Dimovska for helping me so much with all of my questions, you were always so calm with me. (you are the best) and thank you so much. It sure has taken a relief off of my head to know that there are such nice people out there, all I had to do was pick up the phone, and my questions were answered. I would refer anyone that was going through a hard time, such as I was to CDPC. Thank you so much-Wanda Dunlap

I have been dealing with CDPCL for a few months now and they were all very nice people, and work very hard to do what's right by you. They are patient take time to listen and have no problems answering the million questions one has in a proposal/bankruptcy situation! Of the few people I had to speak to thru this process within their company Elena was by far the nicest, easy to tap to person I had, I told her on a couple of occasions that if I could kiss her thru the phone I would, and at those moments I wish I could have, she is a straight shooter and tells it like it is, she is easy going and you can laugh or cry or scream and yell with her, and she right there with you doing the same. Elena is a real, downtown earth person and any future clients will be lucky if they get her!!!!!! CDPCL gives you the opportunity to regain control of your debts all you have to do is call and put your trust in their hands, they won't disappoint.-Jenna-lee Jasper

Just have to say that everyone at this company is great,efficent and easy to deal with. My personal advisor is excellent. Her name is Rajvinder Kaur. Would recommend anytime-Josie Tyrrell

Just have to say that everyone at this company is great,efficent and easy to deal with. My personal advisor is excellent. Her name is Rajvinder Kaur. Would recommend anytime.-Josie Tyrrell

I had to swallow a huge pride pill and made the phone call to CDPC. From that moment on, my life has already begun to become more organized and less stressful. Rajvinder (Raji), was truly amazing to work with and guide me through what I thought was going to very painful, time consuming and stressful process. I will recommend this company and Raji, to the very next person that I'm aware of that is experiencing the same or similar difficulties I was. Thanks Raji and CPDC for helping me change both mine and my three daughters lives.-Craig

CDPCL and Elena Dimovska were very helpful with helping me fix my debt problem,and would recommend them to help anyone get debt relief-Everett Saulnier

I would like to thank CDPCL specially elena.dimovska for helping me through the process , she is very helpful all the way and if i will recommend this company , i will gladly do it without a doubt , thanks again for your help and my family is thanking you and CDPCL....-gerry geronimo

Good morning,
Within seconds of completing the application, I received a phone call from CDPCL. Mahvish was the first person we spoke to. She was very kind and supportive. She assured us that we qualified for a proposal and explained to us the premise of a consumer proposal vs bankruptcy. She spent numerous hours and several phone calls to answer all of our questions in preparation for signing the agreement.
I assure you she earned her keep since we did our own research to ensure this was a legit company. Mahvish followed up with us every step of the way in the initial stage. Thank You!

We then spoke with Andrea who walked us through the orientation. This was short and sweet.

Then we spoke with Elena who was the main co-ordinator of all the logistics and preparation and finalization of our proposal. Many hours and many phone calls with Elena were spent scrutinizing over all the details of our financial affairs. She was always so pleasant and cheerful.
She is a great public relation person.She loves to help her clients and loves her work in doing so. Thank You so much Elena for getting us to the finish line.

After our preparation with Elena, we spoke with and administrator to ensure all of the proposal was in order and ready for presentation to a licensed insolvency trustee. We met with him to finalize all the required documentations and signatures. We are now on the home stretch.

This entire experience is definitely stressful but a huge relief and load has been lifted from our shoulders. It is now definitely more encouraging and less depressing to face our debt.

We still have an accountability to pay our debt to our creditors at an amount that we can meet within our financial limitations.

I have read some comments, reviews and find that judgement is easily cast upon the client and the agency. We are still held accountable for our debt. We never envisioned finding ourselves in this predicament and life has guided us this way and we are very appreciated and grateful for the opportunity to remain as a responsible citizen to pay our debt to the best of our abilities in a very difficult time in our life. Bankruptcy was knocking on our door and this is our pillar of hope in salvaging all that we have worked for and risk losing because of circumstances that are out of our control.
Who are we to judge? anyone? anytime? for anything?

Thank You so much to the Consumer Debtor Protection of Canada for your commitment and support to those in need of your services.-Denise Chaumont

I have been a client with CDPCL for quite a few months now and I am completetly impressed with their professionalism with dealing with all my creditors. I also couldn't have gotten through all this if it wasn't for Rajvinder Kaur. She was so helpful in keeping me apprised of everything that was happening and that would be happening. She was caring, intelligent and always treated me with the utmost respect and she was so helpful with some of the threatening phone calls I received from some of my creditors. I cant thank CDPCL and Rajvinder enough in making a really tough time in my life a lot easier to go through. Thank you. I would definitely recommend CDPCL to all my friends and family.-Pamela Walls

My experience was very good. They took care of me with compassion and we're very informative. I had time constraints for phoning , so a lot of information was passed on in emails, perfect.

I was devistated with my situation, but they put me at ease. Letting me know I was not alone. It was a good feeling, knowing they were there for me.

Highly recommend to my friends if they were every needing their services.

Thank you

Christine-Christine Thomson

From the 1st call I made they guided & helped me through the whole process. The whole team specially Lianne Janes was so patient & relentless with her follow-ups (so professional) w/c really made me not give up.
Asking for CDPCL's help is the best decision I've ever done.
If you're in the same situation, call CDPCL.
I recommend them wholeheartedly!
I'm getting my life back!-VERONICA M

I have been a customer of Consumer Debtor Protection of Canada Ltd. for about 6 months. During that time they have been professional, courteous and have kept contact with me on an almost weekly basis to let me know what is happening with my case. Elena Dimovska has gone above and beyond in providing customer service to me while always taking the time to answer my questions and explain step by step the procedures and contractual obligations. She is very encouraging and supportive throughout the whole process. I would recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in the need of such a company and services.-Martin Egloff

My experience with CDPC was such a financial relief. After years of just trying to pay the minimum interest on our credit cards we finally have received a way to manage it. I would like to take the time to thank Rajvinder for the excellent care and going way above her duty call to help me feel secure and safe in one of the hardest time of my life. She always had patience with me and always ready to help me in any way she could. I would highly recommend this company.-Linda Ward

Excellent service, very informative and helpful, highly recommend to friends and family. Thank-you so much Rajvinder Kaur my Account Manager. 🙂-jay mccallum


I would like to thank CDPCL for helping me fix my financial issues. Without them i would still be stress out every singe day thinking when i can pay all my debts and how to face all my creditors. With their big help they have lessen the burden that i am facing finacially and emotionally. I want to thank Elena Dimovska my account manager for always helping me deal with my creditors. She was a big help for me for facing my fear and worries about my creditors. I could not thank them enough. Again, Thank You CDPCL.-Almaira Balt

We were drowning in credit card debt, and had bad credit because of it and were desperate to find a way to get rid of the debt and saw the ad for CDPCL. We took a leap of faith and called them.

They explained the entire process for us, made us feel at ease. It was not that we wanted to shirk our debts, but with interest piling up, we saw no other way out. Being middle age, we were not in the position to take up any extra work to make money.

We had to do some work on our part, which is only fair as it was our own debt, but Liane, our representative walked us thru this process, making it much easier on us. I had read both positive and negative comments on CDPCL, but I have to say our experience was actually a pleasure.

They took the cloud from over our heads and pushed it away so we could concentrate on things that were important to us. Yes, you do have to pay a bit of money up front, but they took the hard work out of doing this directly with a Consumer Proposal trustee who are not as nice, and can be a bit cold. They prepared everything and submitted it to the trustee and we signed papers for the proposal. It was well worth the fee.

Every time we had a question, or needed information or got a harassing phone call, court threats and letters, Liane was quick to respond to us and help us. Mostly by calming us down than anything but it was reassuring to know she was in our corner and there to help us.

If you are drowning in debt, and cannot see the light, definately check out CDPCL before you do anything else. We are now able to breath and can see a light at the end of the tunnel..-Terry Adamo

I would like to express my gratitude to Elena Dimovska whom I dealt with during my consultations with CDPC. She was extremely helpful, courteous and polite during my dealings with my account. The services provided by CDPC personnel helped me to feel more at peace with myself during this whole process which is sometime difficult to envision. It helped me knowing that I could get back on my feet and get my life back in order, the way it should be. I would recommend the services of CDPC to anyone who is experiencing financial difficulties. They were extremely helpful and caring and always there to listen to what you had to say and to help you out.-Adèle Rocque

My experience with CDPCL has been exemplary so far. I have been working with a very informative and friendly woman named Rajvinder.
She has made the process of getting my finances back in order pleasant and painless. When I called CDPCL I was embarrassed and ashamed of the bad debt I had collected. As well as afraid for my financial future. Rajvinder answered all my questions and made me feel calm. I am now on my way to rebuilding my finances in a way that I find manageable. I am so grateful for Rajvinder and the folks at CDPCL for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel.-Amy Bishop

CDPC’s excellent guidance reduced all the stress that my creditors were putting me through. They helping me understand the importance of accurately submitting all financial records relating to my wife and myself to ensure a 100% chance of acceptance.

I would most definitely recommend CDPC to anyone that is overwhelmed with debt issues and going through a difficult time understanding the intricate details of submitting a complete and accurate documentation of their financial status.

Six months back, I was devastated and lost. Now, thanks to Bernadett Kallai’s hard work and dedication; Mahvish Ali and Joanne Marji’s encouragement and guidance, I am free of creditor calls and my Consumer Proposal has been accepted – Thank You CDPC!-Keith Franklin

I wasn't sure what to expect when I first called, but I couldn't have felt more supported and cared for. Ravjinder was amazing. She practically held my hand through the entire process. I emailed her with all of my questions and concerns and she responded right away. She checked in on me at least once a week to see how I was doing and if there was anything I needed. I would recommend CDPC to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by debt. I cannot express how freeing it feels to not be paralyzed by my financial situation.-Dawn Russell Smith

My experience with CDPCL, was that of a positive one...

The women I dealt with (both Elena Dimovska & Cagla Bayam) were kind, empathetic, professional, and constantly looked out for the best interest of myself and my family. They had optimal clear communication, and promptly assisted me whenever required. They made a very foreign experience, as comfortable as possible. Making sure I understood each part of the process thoroughly. They made it as quick and painless as possible.

Even though I now know I could have filed for a Consumer Proposal on my own, if I had to do it all over again, I would still go through CDPCL. It's well worth it!-Greta Campagnolo

My name is Cathy . I am 65 years old , retired after 35 years in 2003 . I have raised a daughter and her 2 children children , Never had a problem paying bills or having money on hand . Now I've found myself in a terrible insurmountable debt situation, having almost to rob Peter to pay Paul . I ask myself "How has this happened to me ? " One day in town i saw a billboard saying "help us reduce your debt " I went home a googled it and first one i saw was CDPC , gave them a call . The Best call i ever made and an agent called me back shortly after .She reassured me and took down some info . I was assigned to a wonderful young lady named Rajvinder Kaur , She had the voice of an angel while being professional , supportive and very understanding . She assured me that I am in a very common situation especially with todays lifestyles, & costs that seem to increase on a daily basis . She was most understanding and assured me along with her Trustee , who was a very nice , understanding and thorough fellow , that they could help me start a new life without all this stress , guilt and debt hanging over my head . I feel a mountain has been lifted off my shoulder . That there are blue skies and sunshine ahead and maybe I can have some of the "Golden Years " I am so grateful . One more thing , my mother used to say there are angels all around us . I think Rajvinder is one of mine . Thank you all .-Cathy Schurink

I was very skeptical at first, and did my research between a canada proposal and bankrupt scenerio, To put my mind at ease on what to do, I drove to their office and met Rajvinder Kaur, She greeted me with open arms, she answered all my questions, and followed up with me regularly through the whole process, The customer service was beyond tremendous, They have handled my case professionally. I couldn't be more pleased and happy with what Rajvinder has done for me with my financial issues. Shame on those that do not think that this is the right program for you! Bankruptcy is not the way to go, This process was right fit for me, and I will have a fresh start, and my credit will be repaired again quicker than it would be through Bankruptcy. The people that don't stick to there plan are the ones complain the most, Its just common sense.-Chris Strickert

These people work extremely quickly and efficiently. I was assigned Rajvinder Kaur to guide me through the process and she was friendly, knowledgable and helpful throughout the experience. She was available for questions and concerns whenever I needed her and She genuinly instills confidence in her ability to get the job done. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy she made the experience and I would certainly recommend this company if you are considering A consumer proposal!-Joy Livingston

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