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Struggling With Debt?

We offer a solution that can solve your debt problems. You can settle your debts for much less that what you owe ? Reduce your monthly payments by up to 80% and stop paying interest immediately.

Live Debt Free®

Farber is an independent firm that is not funded by any financial institutions or retailers. We offer debt counseling to those looking to get out of debt.

Our independent status allows our professional consultants the freedom and flexibility to educate consumers about credit related issues and to negotiate payments that are acceptable to both our clients and their creditors in the debt settlement program.

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Leading you to debt freedom

We believe in providing our clients with a clear picture of all the available options.

Your creditors are willing to accept a Proposal. It's possible to cut a deal with your creditors to reduce interest rates, reduce total balances and pay off the agreed settlement amount.

That's what we are good at ? helping debtors like you negotiate the lowest possible settlement with your creditors.

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Our services

  • Make one monthly payment for all your debts
  • Reduce monthly payments to an affordable level
  • Interest is frozen, saving you thousands
  • Get a new peaceful debt-free life!

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