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Enjoy Freedom From Debt!

Eliminate debt, negotiate a debt settlement and get lower payments that work with your budget!

Our independent status allows our professional consultants the freedom and flexibility to educate consumers about credit related issues and to negotiate payments that are acceptable to both our clients and their creditors

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CDPC for Students

Are You Drowning in Debt?

CDPC can help! Just fill out our form to get started!

CDPC is an independent firm, so we work for you – not the lenders or retailers. You can rest easy knowing our debt counselors will work to guard your best interests!

Our experts will help solve your debt problems. We can help in three ways:

1. We’ll help negotiate with creditors. We’ll help you get rid of penalties, fees and negotiate lower interest rates.

2. CDPC will work to negotiate a lump-sum settlement. You could cut your debt by up to 75%!

3. We’ll negotiate with student loan lenders, helping you get a payment arrangement that will work for your budget.

We’ll help you explore other options, like a home equity loan or second mortgage so you can pay those high-interest debts!

It’s time to get out of debt and stay out of debt!

CDPC can help. Just complete the accompanying form to get started today!

Debt Management Program

Debt Management Program

We’ll negotiate with creditors, helping to cut interest rates, get rid of fees and consolidate your debts. Just fill out our form!

Student Loans Assistance

Student Loan Help

You can’t get rid of student loan debt. But we’ll help arrange a payment agreement for your federal, provincial and private student loans.

Student Loans Assistance

Lump Sum Settlements

Save 75% on your debts with lump sum settlements, negotiated by CDPC’s expert debt negotiation team.

Student Loans Assistance

Mortgage Help

Do you own a home? If you have equity, we can offer a secured loan to help pay off your high-interest debts.

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