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CDPC is an independent firm, so we work for you – not the lenders or retailers. You can rest easy knowing our debt counselors will work to guard your best interests!


Our experts will help solve your debt problems. We can help in three ways:


1 – We’ll help negotiate with creditors. We’ll help you get rid of penalties, fees and negotiate lower interest rates.


2 – CDPC will work to negotiate a lump-sum settlement. You could cut your debt by up to 75%!


3 – We’ll negotiate with student loan lenders, helping you get a payment arrangement that will work for your budget.



We’ll help you explore other options, like a home equity loan or second mortgage so you can pay those high-interest debts!


It’s time to get out of debt and stay out of debt!


CDPC can help. Just complete the accompanying form to get started today!


*Your individual results may vary. See explanation below.

$5,873.03 Saved – His Greatest Christmas Gift

This Christmas a lot of gifts were exchanged. Our client sent us a “thank you” for what he described as his “greatest Christmas gift!”

– – – – –

51% Worth of Savings

Anna and her husband Ray saved 51% by selecting our debt specialist to settle their debts! For years Anna and Ray have been doing their best to be timely on their credit card payments, but as Ray’s health declined he had to cut back on the amount of hours he worked.

– – – – –

$31,000 Negotiated Down to $8,000!

$31,000 negotiated down to $8,000. Marilyn and her husband were doing everything possible to make ends meet, but each month they came up short making their accounts past due.

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